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The subject of Garrett Atkins

I posted this as part of a friends only entry, but thought the ideas warranted a public one..

I want to touch on the Rockies. I'm still mourning the unnecessary loss of Matty...I will be for awhile. I am happy that my beloved Atty aka Garrett Atkins will still be here barring some epic disaster, though this particular signing seems to be very drawn out....

Anyone who knows me knows that I have loved the Rockies since I was a very little girl and most of all in my Rockies love has been the players themselves, none more than Mr. Atkins himself. I have liked #27 since he first appeared in the major leagues. He seemed like a good, honest, hard-working player who spent much time in the shadow of his more famous friends such as Matt Holliday and Troy Tulowitzki. That was just another thing to like about him...his ability to be such a team player. He also was thought of as a temporary solution to the need of finding a 3rd baseman, since number one pick Ian Stewart, was down in the minors. However, Atkins showed he was more than just a fill-in and put up great numbers. Meeting him in person, I wasn't disappointed. I admit to having somewhat of a crush on the man, but that  is for many reasons and is not why I follow him. He seemed to be genuinely nice and down to earth... very flattered by any fans who liked him in particular. He always seems to sign long and often for fans at games. I think I was also drawn to him as a fan, because I have always been taken in by players with consistancy. Atkins has shown that over the years through his consistant stats and games played in, earning him the nickname of everyday Atty. I admit I am somewhat biased, but there are some facts about Atty that can't be disputed. 

As far as the contract goes, Atkins has stated repeatedly that he wants to stay here in Colorado. Along with that, there have been articles about teammates, Troy Tulowitzki in particular, stating the importance of him staying here. Not to mention he is the strongest bat in our lineup with Matt Holliday gone and has shown flexibility by moving from 3rd to 1st when needed. It has been held against Atkins that he turned down a long-term deal a few years ago (considered by many, to be very cheap) and that he spoke out about teammate Jeff Francis' contract, feeling Francis got ripped off. That being said, it's time for the management to get over it. He wants to sign a long-term deal, his agent has spoken out about it and he is one of the only players who has spoken out and said that he still feels that this team can compete like they did in 07', despite the changes and struggles of the last year. The Rockies have given long-term contracts to Hawpe, Corpas, Tulo etc., but haven't  revisited one with Atkins. Even with having a disappointing season in his own words in 08', Atkins still led the Rockies in many categories and no doubt had numbers that were influenced by the injuries of the majority of the position players. And after all, isn't having a player who always wants to improve as a team and an individual, a plus?

I guess, I personally just get really angry when I read stuff about Atkins being "greedy" and "not a team player", "we should trade him" etc. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it would be nice if they had the info to back it up. If you look at Atkins' stats alone, they are comparable to some of the great players in the game today, including one mentioned recently, Justin Morneau  of the Twins. I am familiar with what Morneau has done, since the Twins are my second baseball team/AL team...it's not too shabby. Because Atkins/his agent are asking for around what is an average market value for a player of Atkins' years/numbers, they are being seen by some as greedy. In my opinion, if you see these two as being greedy, you should see the large majority of baseball players/agents that way.

Also, I don't believe most people have researched Atkins' agent, Jeff Blank. Blank is a friend of the Atkins family. He met Atkins during his time at UCLA, when Blank was in a sports position there, and became an agent afterwards. Scott Boras he is NOT. An agent's job is mainly to take care of their client , try to help them with what's in their best interest and make sure they do not get screwed over/taken for granted. Blank is only doing his job. I don't see Atkins as a slouch on his own either when it comes to money matters. He has said if he wasn't a player, he would probably be a GM or something having to do with money. Atkins is known for being good at math, he isn't stupid.  

Lastly, I want to state the importance again of loyalty. Other players have come into the Rockies organization with large contracts recently, such as Vizcaino and most recently Huston Street, with little or no playing time as a Rockie. I have nothing against these guys personally, but just think about Street's situation. He is coming in to compete for the closer's role with Manny Corpas. I don't know how Street will play...of course as a fan I hope he is great. He is slated to make 4.5 million,almost exactly the same as Atkins made last year as a position player who played nearly every single day with great numbers who has been with the team for years....doesn't exactly seem fair.

The point of this post...yes Atkins can live on the 6.6mil. the Rockies are offering him, or less than that, along with every other ballplayer. Going on principal, market value, and loyality, however, the Rockies should at least meet in the middle with a player that has done so much for them.


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