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The subject says it all. I have been totally aghast at the events of this semester so far. The Rockies and their continued downhill slide...they aren't just losing games and have knocked themselves out of contention, it's been excruciating losses...with a continued pattern of coming from behind to tie the game and then having pitching meltdowns out the wazoo...omfg UGH! I think what's the most disturbing and saddening part of my Rockies obssesion is that I wanted another Rocktober to just have them around another month...not that I don't love and didn't love the playoff action, just the best part of it was having happy Rockies around for more time.

School is really ticking me off right now. It isn't for lack of effort regarding my studies, as I believe I have put more effort into my studies in this semester than any other, at the very least I have put more effort into this term than any other in the BEGINNING weeks! And despite basically having all my gen eds and required classes done, it is irritating that I can't take any other journalism courses (being as it is my major and I actually like doing it) because we have a limit on how many jmc courses we can take...but of course I did have to take that last required journalism course....mass comm law. Thrills and chills children. It isn't as if law is a totally boring subject or irrelevant in general, but the terminology is making me a little crazy. I pride myself in having a good vocabulary and reading level, but the combination of the other classes right now, along with the fact that the teacher is starting to piss me off, really isn't helping. In regards to the prof, I am annoyed because I spent the majority of the last 24 hours pouring over a several page court case and writing a legal brief, which was difficult but I got through it ok. But that wasn' t the end of it, no sir. I arrive to class about two minutes before it's supposed to start and he starts class early AND lets us out late! Not to mention that he spent the majority of the period making us take a guap of notes and then decides that we have to get into groups based on where we are sitting to analyze more cases and contribute more to us getting out late. A good 7 minutes late. Oh and did I mention I was in a group with a guy I went on a terrible blind date (the only blind date I have ever agreed to) with?! The group was fairly large and not very talkative fortunately.  Normally stuff like this wouldn't seem like such a big deal, but my massive schoolwork overload (despite taking mostly gen-ed lower level classes, go fig,) has sent me into a negative whirlwind and due to recent convos I have had lately, I have been doing a lot of studying and worrying about my future instead of going out and having a good time. I am all for being a hard worker, but I like my life to have a balance and to spend my time doing a variety of things.

I do have a new crush, not a biggie, but he is decently cute I guess. I don't know much about the guy, other than he has good looks, bartends parttime, is preppy, skittish, and seems to be obssessed with wearing blue and white all the time....I always have to pick the ones who have odd quirks lol. He might be a player though...we shall see.

I think the other reason/side effect that has happened as a result of all this, is that not only is all this schoolwork bogging me down as far as my social life goes, it's contributing to other things as well that are even more basic. I feel exhausted after all the school stuff and just crash into my bed, still fatigued and wake up feeling drained. Therefore I wind up sleeping in more and not putting as much effort into my appearance...basically just trying to get up and get through class and my assignments/tests. Now I realize everyone has days like this and if you know me, you know I am not very vain. I am comfortable being in my sweats etc. and it is not a big upsetting factor if I have a hair out of place etc. However, I do like to look cute and work out etc. and do take pride in my appearance. I also tend to feel more confident which I feel like I need more confidence and the like right now. Plus things with the majority of my friends has seemed perplexing lately...not any one huge event, but it seems like all these little things are just getting on my nerves. And of course the icing on the cake is that everything in my room is in a huge mess (more cluttered than dirty), which I am usually overly worried about, but it's driving me nuts. Oh and more school stuff due and  a day full of classes tomorrow..joy.

I think this is worse, because despite how I sound right now, I am usually the eternal optimist with the Disney/childlike attitude of believing in your dreams and all that jazz. It's not that everything is SO bad right now, I think I just want something really good to happen...


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