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So erm...okay.

I was actually in a pretty bad mood from school related stress, but then I saw two of the most pretty pictures I have ever seen in my life, I felt better...thank you pynk_spyder ! :)  Troy, Matt, and Garrett in their formal wear,  need I really say more? ;)

As for other news, I was feeling icky and stayed an extra day at my mom's instead of going back up to school for my Tuesday classes. Bad I know, but I had a terrible headache and really didn't want to have any problems driving to add to my stress. In spite of this, I actually have spent a decent time on school work in the last couple days...including spending time doing a long reading for a 4 question quiz for my online quiz. Yes, I kind of find it perplexing to have to try and pick out what might be the 4 little questions out of a large amount of material, but I did ok on said quiz and I guess it's just something I am going to have to live with since there will be more little quzzes. I am still happy I don't have class on fridays now. In fact I am really looking forward to going to the Rockies game Friday. Former Rockies LaTroy Hawkins and Kaz Matsui of the Astros will be on hand to get their NL champs rings and I will be there in person to dork. Plus of course being there to dork over the usual guys...everyday atty, his pal matty, and of course the bunnynose (Troy)!

The Rockies have been doing well lately which has made me extremely happy and even more enamoured with them. Jorge De La Rosa or the thorn of the rose as I affectionately call him has become a new big favorite of mine and his 4-0 shutout of the Giants on Monday has really given me a positive outlook. I have to have something in addition to spending time with my friends to offset the afforementioned school stress.

Basically the thing that is bothering me about school is the spontaneity that has ensued from my profs in this being my final semester of college. Normally, a little surprise in my life doesn't  bother me, but I like to be informed when it comes to stuff that's due. I am taking 15 credits this semester, which is what I usually take, so there shouldn't be a big overload that I'm not used to. However there has been a lot of vagueness and a lot of mention of "pop quizzes" and the like in my syllabi. In one class, SEVENTEEN surprise quizzes! Now they aren't a huge percentage of my grade, but that number makes me a little worried. Also, the online class has this routine of making you check to see if you have a quiz on monday after 3pm and if so, you must be done by 10am the next day...same on wednesday for thursday. Which is not all that bad, except these quizzes do require a large amount of reading...and I guess I just wish we could have a list of the quizzes so that I could be prepared for them and make my schedule around them. It's not like I am not going to do the readings, since we will get tested over them. The other school related thing that "got my goat" was something I got in my school email. I have been checking my school email extremely moreso than I did in any other semester since I was instructed to by my profs. So I checked it tonight before I went to bed and found an email from my woman's study prof. She sent it around 8pm (as in a few hours ago). Anyway the email detailed info regarding times to go watch a film for the class she had listed as part of the hw for Sept.9...I figured since the date was next week, probably the screenings would be next week...Erm, no. They are for tomorrow (technically now today) and one the next day. Two of the three are when I have other classes and the other time is early tomorrow...argh. Since I have a 1-2 hour drive ahead of me followed by class and a couple errands, I was really kind of hoping I could take my time getting up there (my class is in the late afternoon)...I emailed her about the times being tough for me, so I am hoping she will respond and give me another option. I have more to talk about, but I am going to bed, so perhaps more later.