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  • 1. Have you ever been to Disneyland (Anaheim, California)?
    Yes of course or I wouldn't be doing this survey!

  • 2. If so, how many times?
    Five trips each with  2-6 days spent in the parks to Disneyland and once to Disney World...I really wish and intend to go more times to both! :) 

  • 3. What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?
    As for some favorite rides and attractions: I love the Pinocchio ride most but  also: Peter Pan ride, Dumbo, The snow white ride, Storybookland Canal Boats, Small World, Roger Rabbit ride, Pirates of the Carribean, The Haunted Mansion, the tiki room, Indiana jones, Splash Mountain, The Matterhorn, The nemo submarine ride, the matterhorn, casey jr. circus train, buzz lightyear astro blasters, Toad ride, Winnie the pooh ride, Disney Gallery, Disneyland:the first 50 years, the Disneyland gallery, Reindeer Roundup (only there around Christmastime), Star Tours, Big Thunder Moutain, Davy Crockett canoes, Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia, teacups, jungle cruise, all character interactions, tarzan treehouse, gadget's go coaster, the characters' houses, Autopia, the monorail, The Disneyland Railroad, Innoventions, Astro Orbiter,Honey I shrunk the audience, aladdin's oasis...basically everything there lol! And all the fireworks displays and parades and shows!

  • 4. What is your favorite land in Disneyland?
    I really love all the lands, but I would have to say Fantasyland

  • 5. What is your least favorite ride at Disneyland?
    I know it sounds really nerdy, but I like all of them and don't think I have a least favorite.

  • 6. What is your favorite place to eat in Disneyland?
    The Blue Bayou, Carnation Cafe, The Plaza Inn (which also has a character breakfast that yes, I do go to) and Stage Door Cafe inside the Golden Horseshoe where you can watch a stage show and eat.

  • 7. Have you ever shared a "romantic moment" in Disneyland?
    Not me personally, because I have only gone with my family. I would however like to and was witness to a marriage proposal at Aladdin's Oasis which is a little place in adventureland where a live and in costume Aladdin and Jasmine tell Aladdin's story! :)

  • 8. Do the fireworks bring a tear to your eyes?
    Always, it never fails! Because of my family memories at Disneyland/Soundtrack to the Disneyland fireworks I always tear up.

  • 9. Do you think that people who dislike Disneyland should be shot?
    I don't know about shot, but I went on a date with someone who disliked it and I will say I never went out with them again. I think people who dislike it are crazy though!

  • 10. Have you ever been to DCA (Disney's California Adventure)?
    Yes and despite the fact that it is criticized by a lot of people I actually really like it.

  • 11. Favorite and Least Favorite rides of DCA?
    Again I wouldn't say I have any least favorite. For rides and attractions I really enjoy: the Monster's Inc ride, the Tower of Terror, Soarin over California, Disney Animation, Golden Dreams, The Aladdin Show at Hyperion Theatre, all the bug's land rides, and the Orange Stinger.

  • 12. Favorite place to eat in DCA?
    Ariel's Grotto...yes I'm 22 and I like character dining with the princesses, go me lol! :)

  • 13. Ever been to Downtown Disney?

  • 14. Favorite shop at Downtown Disney?
    World of Disney store of course!

  • 15. Favorite place to eat at Downtown Disney?
    Rainforest cafe!

  • 16. What is your favorite treat to get at Disneyland?
    Pineapple whips at the Tiki Room and Disneyland popcorn in a souvenier tub! Yes I am a Disneyland nerd!

  • 17. Have you ever been to any other Disney parks around the world? If so, which was your favorite?
    I have been to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom all at Disney World in Florida. I love Disneyland and Disney World like crazy and have a ton of family memories from both, but Disney World will always be special (especially Epcot) because it was the last trip I got to take with my dad.

  • 18. Any other memories about Disneyland you'd like to share?
    I could talk about memories at Disneyland for days, but I will share a few somewhat general things. This will probably get really geeky and corny, but whatever. I am a big Walt Disney/Disneyland history buff so I know a lot of the history about it and therefore am very sentimental about the fact that Walt Disney created a place where families can go that has something for everyone. I have a ton of memories at Disneyland and Walt Disney World with my parents. I have been at Disneyland on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve among other times. I know that at times these places get crowded, but I have actually found that it is so nice to visit with people you meet while standing in line or sharing a table or waiting for fireworks or whatever. Also the people who work at Disneyland as cast members are very friendly and interesting to talk to. I really agree with the idea that Disneyland is so much an American culture icon, but at the same time it such a great place to experience things with all sorts of people from all over the world. All these different people of all backgrounds and ages. are put together to experience riding pirate boats and singing "yo ho a pirate's life for me" or singing "it's a small world after all. I know it really sounds nerdy, but Disney has been such a important part of my background, that it has shaped my personality. Because of my time spent in the disney culture with my family I realize how important it is to believe in my dreams and to have hope for tomorrow. It is something that I try to share with people that I know and plan to share with my future children and husband.